Kids, Community and Volunteers. Trumbull Hall Troupe began in 2004 to provide kids with a fun, educational theatre experience that could also contribute to improving the lives of those less fortunate.  Trumbull Hall Troupe runs on the efforts of volunteers – friends and family committed to our goals. Every year a musical theatre piece is performed by area teens and tweens and net proceeds are donated to various charities.  In fact, when you write a check for performances, you have the option to write your check to one of our charities or THT. All cash donations are split equally between our current charities. All general admission tickets are free but donations are gladly accepted. We hope to see you at this year’s show!

Our 2019 Show!

Nov 1-3
at the
Lebanon Opera House


Trumbull Hall Troupe moves from Invitation to Auditions to Add New Cast Members!

Trumbull Hall Troupe (THT), area teen and tween theatre group, has changed the way it adds new cast members. Unlike other area youth theatre groups THT is inclusive. Once added to the Troupe the cast is in until they elect to leave or graduate high school. New cast...