Open Auditions

Our 2021 Open Auditions are scheduled! Here are the details.

WHEN: August 21st, 2021
WHERE: The Dance Collective, 1 Glen Road Plaza, West Lebanon, NH

There will be an individual singing and monologue audition followed by a group dance audition.

  • SINGING: Prepare 32 measures of a memorized song that shows off your voice. Bring your sheet music, we will have an accompanist for you.
  • MONOLOGUE: Choose a monologue that showcases your acting talents. 1-2 minutes long, memorized.
  • DANCE: Wear clean sneakers that are flexible (no outdoor shoes), or dance shoes, and workout gear. You will be taught a dance combination in a group and asked to perform it.

For 2021 we are thrilled to be presenting Xanadu!

Our production staff includes Lanni Luce West as Director, Alicia Dale as Music Director, and Allyson Weiner-Sawyer as Choreographer.

  • SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION SLOT! Please use this link to sign up for an audition slot for Trumbull Hall Troupe. Trumbull Hall Troupe Open Audition 2021 Sign-Up Sheet
  • BRING A SIGNED CODE OF CONDUCT. All members of the troupe will have to sign a Code of Conduct.  You must print the CODE OF CONDUCT and bring it with you to the open auditions on August 21st signed by the student and a parent/guardian.  The Code of Conduct acknowledges a set of behaviors we will expect for troupe members, as well as the fact that our licensed material will be challenging and we therefore will require students to work on it outside of rehearsal time.  Until the Code of Conduct is returned, the student is not officially a member of the troupe.  Code of Conduct
  • VACCINE POLICY  This year we are requiring participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID in order to be unmasked while at all THT gatherings — including rehearsal and onstage (during performances).  If a participant is NOT vaccinated (including due to medical or religious exemptions), they must remain masked at all times during rehearsal and performances, and must eat snacks and meals outside.  The reason we are taking this stance is not just because of COVID, but also because our beloved director Lanni has been battling cancer, and we would like to keep the environment as healthy for her as possible.  Parents will need to sign a form acknowledging that the cast member is vaccinated or alternatively must be masked at all times. Vaccine Form
  • CHECK OUR REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE DATES. Please make sure you are available for all these dates. 2021 Cast Schedule
  • SHOW AUDITIONS  If you are selected for an open slot in THT, you will then attend auditions for our fall show on August 28th.  There is no alternative audition date, but if you cannot make the 28th, we will happily cast you in the ensemble.  Please review the schedule of dates to make sure all of these dates work with your calendar.

If any questions or concerns come up, please contact us.